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Termites cost property owners billions of dollars each year. This is because termites, don’t sleep and will always eat. They feed twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, without stopping. Obviously, the answer to the question, “Do I need a termite inspection? Is It really necessary?” is a resounding, Yes!

Termites are perhaps a homeowner’s worst nightmare. These wood-eating insects can infest and damage a home without being detected, for years. Their untimely discovery can derail a home sale, leave a new homebuyer in deep regret or present a long-time, homeowner with unanticipated treatment costs and repair bills.

In California, termite inspections are not necessary, and they are not common in all areas. Forward-thinking buyers and sellers, on the other hand, should arrange a termite inspection to guarantee that termite problems aren’t detected after it’s too late.

A termite inspection’s outcomes are reported on a legal form prepared by the termite inspector. The form is known as a wood-destroying organism report (WDO), and it indicates if the inspector discovered any active termites or other wood-destroying organisms in or on the structure. It will also include any evidence of infestation-friendly circumstances (dry rot, wet wood, wood-to-ground contact, and so on), as well as any doubtful data that may require more aggressive treatment of inspection. This report also includes treatment and repair recommendations for damage.

Inspections for termites are said to be necessary about every 2 to 3 years, in  Cathedral City, California. Calling Palm Springs Pest Control for your inspection will bring a professional termite inspector to your door.

We assure that our clients’ termite inspections and treatments are accurate and successful by using only state-licensed, professional termite inspectors and treatment applicators.

We offer an annual service program designed to catch termites in the act, before, they can cause costly damage. It also includes Palm Springs Pest Control’s famous Ultimate Pest Control Service.  So, we are not only preventing termite infestations but also getting rid of Ants and Rodents, and controlling Ticks, Gophers, Bees, mosquitoes, and many more on your property too!

Call Palm Springs Pest Control today for a comprehensive Termite Inspection at (760)202-1122.